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There are tractor models available from Swaraj in India. Most expensive Swaraj tractor model is 963 FE which is priced at Rs. 8.40 Lakh. On the lower end, 717 is the least expensive tractor model which will cost you Rs. 2.60 Lakh. These prices are indicative and may vary. Don't forget to check best Swaraj offers available near you.

Looking at the Swaraj Tractors popularity, Swaraj 735 FE is the highly demanded tractor model right now. It has a 2734 cc engine which can generate 40 HP power .

Here is a brief summary of all popular tractor models from Swaraj:

Swaraj tractor Price List 2022

Swaraj Tractor ModelPriceSpecification
Swaraj 735 FERs. 5850002734 cc, 40 hp,
Swaraj 744 XTRs. 7720003478 cc,
Swaraj 744 FERs. 6600003136 cc,
Swaraj 742 XTRs. 6500003136 cc,
Swaraj 735 XTRs. 5300002734 cc, 38 hp,
Swaraj 843 XMRs. 6100002730 cc,
Swaraj 717Rs. 260000N/A
Swaraj 834 XMRs. 4900002592 cc,
Swaraj 855 FERs. 7400003307-3308 cc,
Swaraj 724 XM ORCHARDRs. 3950001824 cc, 25 hp,
Swaraj 744 XMRs. 6700003307 cc,
Swaraj 963 FERs. 8400003478 cc,
Swaraj 742 FERs. 600000N/A
Swaraj 724 XMRs. 4210001824 cc,
Swaraj 841 XMRs. 5800002730 cc,
Swaraj 825 XMRs. 3700001538 cc,
Swaraj 960 FERs. 7850003480 cc,
Swaraj 855 Dt PlusRs. 7800003307 cc,
Swaraj 735 XMRs. 5600002734 cc, 35 hp,
Swaraj 855 XMRs. 7250003480 cc, 52 hp,
Swaraj 724 XM Orchard NTRs. 4180001824 cc, 30 hp,
Swaraj 843 XM-OSMRs. 5750002730 cc, 45 hp,
Swaraj 744 FE Potato XpertRs. 6600003136 cc, 48 hp,
Swaraj 744 XM Potato ExpertRs. 6600003135 cc, 44 hp,
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Swaraj Tractors Overview

Swaraj is a tractor and farm equipment making company which is owned by Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Formerly known as Punjab Tractors Limited, the company was taken over by Mahindra Group in 2007 and subsequently, in 2009, the name was changed to the swaraj division.

Swaraj Tractors was established in 1974 with a mission to be self-reliant and develop India’s first Indigenous tractor. Today Swaraj is a rapidly growing company, has a wide portfolio of tractors and farm machinery, and stands firmly amongst the top tractor brands in India. We manufacture a range of tractors from 11.18 kW to 48.47 kW (15Hp-65Hp) for various farming needs including 4WD tractors for wetland & specialized tractors for horticulture.

Swaraj becomes the second tractor company in the world to win the prestigious DEMING prize - the organization that has implemented TQM suitable for its management philosophy, scope/type/scale of business, and management environment.

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Swaraj FAQs

  • Which are the most popular Swaraj tractor models of 2022 in India?

    Swaraj 735 FE, Swaraj 744 XT, Swaraj 744 FE are the most popular Swaraj Tractors in India.

  • Which is the least expensive Swaraj tractor in India?

    717 with a price tag of Rs. 2.60 Lakh is the least expensive Swaraj tractor in India.

  • Which is the most expensive Swaraj tractor in India?

    963 FE with a price tag of Rs. 8.40 Lakh is the most expensive Swaraj tractor in India.

  • Are their any dealers available for Swaraj near you ?

    Check Swaraj Dealers available near you.

  • What is the HP range of Swaraj Tractors ?

    Swaraj Tractors are available in the HP range of 15 - 63 HP.