VST Tillers Tractors Unveils 3 State-of-the-Art Tractors at AGRITECHNICA 2023

Update On: Fri Nov 17 2023 by Gaurav Sharma
VST Tillers Tractors Unveils 3 State-of-the-Art Tractors at AGRITECHNICA 2023

Agriculture is the backbone of the world's economy, and with the ever-increasing demand for food, it is essential to find ways to increase productivity and efficiency. VST Tillers Tractors, a leading manufacturer of tractors and agricultural machinery, is revolutionizing the industry with its latest line of state-of-the-art tractors. These tractors were recently unveiled at AGRITECHNICA 2023, and they are set to transform agriculture as we know it.

With advanced technology, improved fuel efficiency, and enhanced safety features, VST Tillers Tractors is taking agriculture to the next level. In this post, we'll take a closer look at the features and benefits of these cutting-edge tractors and how they are poised to change the face of agriculture forever.

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd has been making waves in the agricultural machinery sector. They having introduced six tractor models under Series 9 earlier this year. The recent creation of the VST-ZETOR brand in October 2023 further expands the company's portfolio. The brand promises feature-loaded higher HP tractors for the Indian market.

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In a groundbreaking move at AGRITECHNICA 2023, VST Tillers Tractors Ltd, a leading farm equipment manufacturer, has revealed three innovative tractors under its FIELDTRAC brand. This is a major leap in agricultural technology. The seven-day exhibition, which commenced on November 12, 2023, in Hanover, Germany, served as the global stage for the unveiling.

The trio of tractors includes the much-anticipated 929 EV, an indigenously developed electric tractor, the 932 DI featuring a Stage V engine, and the 929 with HST transmission. These cutting-edge machines highlight VST's commitment to pushing the boundaries of agricultural machinery.


The star of the show, the VST FIELDTRAC 929 EV, is a result of three years of dedicated research and testing by the company's R&D team. This electric marvel boasts a 25kWH battery, delivering a maximum torque of 110 Nm. Beyond its eco-friendly design, the 929 EV features dual-acting power steering, superior styling, and a robust lift capacity of 1250 kg. VST has already been a key player in supplying EV solutions and drivetrains for electric tractors to leading farm equipment manufacturers in the United States.


The 932 DI Stage v Techno Compact tractor, equipped with a three-cylinder engine in the 32 HP category. The tractor stands out for its maximum torque of 109.4 Nm. Positioned as a versatile workhorse, it excels in handling a diverse range of applications. It can also be easily paired with various attachments.

FIELDTRAC 929 HST with Loader

For smaller operations and enhanced maneuverability, VST introduced the FIELDTRAC 929 HST with loader. This high-performance tractor is designed with landscaping in mind, offering flexibility, ease of operation, and precise control on steering. The HST tractor features a power-packed four-cylinder Stage-V 1306 cc engine, delivering an impressive 72.2 Nm torque.



AGRITECHNICA is the showcase for the global agricultural machinery industry and the forum for future crop production issues. One can benefit from the know-how of international agricultural industry authorities. There will be discussions current issues, trends and strategies with the experts from the DLG network.

Antony Cherukara, CEO of VST Tillers Tractors, emphasized the strategic significance of AGRITECHNICA for the company. He stated that the exhibition provides a platform to showcase VST's technical prowess and feature-filled products to a global audience.

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As AGRITECHNICA continues to be the world's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery, VST Tillers Tractors Ltd's unveiling of these state-of-the-art tractors cements its position as an industry leader driving innovation and sustainability in agriculture.

In conclusion, VST Tillers Tractors' unveiling of these three state-of-the-art tractors at AGRITECHNICA 2023 is a testament to their position as industry leaders. This shows their ongoing commitment to driving progress in agriculture. With their revolutionary technologies and sustainable practices, VST Tillers Tractors is poised to shape the future of farming. They will lead the way for a more efficient, productive, and sustainable agricultural sector.

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