Comparison For Captain 280 DX-vs-Eicher 333

Confused between Captain 280 DXandEicher 333 ? Wondering whether you should spend that hard earned money on Captain 280 DXandEicher 333? Don't Worry! We are here to help you choose between these two models. Talking about Captain 280 DX, it has been priced at Rs ₹4.72 Lakh. On the other hand, Eicher 333 will cost you more than Captain 280 DX.Eicher 333 comes with a price tag of Rs ₹5.45 Lakh.

Check the detailes

Check the detailed comparison for the models below on the basis of features, comfort, power, transmission, suspension and more.

Key HighlightsCaptain 280 DXEicher 333
EX-Showroom Price₹4.72 Lakh₹5.45 Lakh
280 DX


₹4.72 Lakh


2 WD

₹5.45 Lakh